All About Sketching - 20 brushes for Procreate

The Brushsmith
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Do you love your iPad and Procreate but still miss that traditional feeling of a good pencil on paper when sketching?

All about sketching is a brush set for Procreate that contains 20 handcrafted, very realistic and natural brushes that are a joy to draw with. From figure/anatomy studies, to detailed pencil or charcoal portraits, caricatures, penciling comic pages... you name it! This set will be your best sketching companion.

It includes:

5 perfectly scalated in hardness pencil brushes: HB, 2B, 4B, 6B and 8B pencils.

4 more pencil brushes with different feels and behaviors.

8 brushes that are more on the charcoal side but also include a soft shader, a sketching crayon, and an oily chalk.

3 extra sketching brushes.

–Any updates in the future adding more brushes to this set will be FREE for you!

Most of these brushes behave differently depending on things like the amount of opacity you set in the opacity slider and the tilt of your Apple Pencil, which is great for shading. All of them work great as well as smudging or erasing brushes.

These brushes are only guaranteed to be fully compatible with Procreate 5 and above.

I want this!

You will get:

A Procreate set with 20 brushes
Free updates
55.1 MB


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