All About Inking - 45 brushes for Procreate

The Brushsmith
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All about inking is a brush set for Procreate that contains 45 ultra realistic brushes that mimic the best tools for inking on paper in real life, translated to the digital world. Everything was made from real inking tools on paper, scanned and converted into this amazing brush collection that is perfect for comic-book artists and all kind of illustrators!

It includes:

45 inking brushes: all kind of pens, markers, brushes with bristles, toothy markers, chisel tips, ink splatters, alcohol markers, pen scribbles...a huge variety of inking tools that will not disappoint you!

Any updates in the future adding more brushes to this set will be FREE for you!

If you look closely at the names of the brushes, you'll probably recognize a few well known brands and type of tools that I did my best to mimic digitally, only with the names changed a little bit. Have fun trying to discover what they are :D (I'm sure most of them are pretty easy).

These brushes are only guaranteed to be fully compatible with Procreate 5 and above.

I want this!

You will get:

A Procreate set with 45 brushes
Free updates
125 MB


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