All About Sketching | Free Edition Brush Set for Procreate

The Brushsmith
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This Free Edition includes 2 brushes from the All About Sketching Brush Set for Procreate in case you need them to help you decide if you want to purchase the full set.

Remember that by making a purchase you'll help me to continue developing my work as a brush maker and I will be forever grateful!

The free brushes included here are:

–2B Pencil.

–Charcoal Stick.

Both brushes behave differently depending on things like the amount of opacity you set in the opacity slider and the tilt of your Apple Pencil, which is great for shading. They also work great as smudging or erasing brushes.

These brushes are only guaranteed to be fully compatible with Procreate 5 and above.

I want this!

This download contains:

2 brushes for Procreate
5.64 MB


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